Previews and Deleted scenes
August 14, 2008


LYes, the android LOVES the Office

Yes, the android LOVES the Office

There is this one thing that annoys the android, and that is previews and deleted scenes of the office, a NBC show, that are limited to american viewers only. That pisses the android off. There’s not a lot that can annoy the android like that, but this does. 

Whenever the android visits which is it’s favorite webpage in the whole world, and sees there’s some new videos from, it knows it is not able to view them. 

So if the mighty bosses at NBC would kindly reconsider making the videos available to  viewers outside the United States, that would be awesome, and definitively raise the awesomeness bar by two points (out of 47, that’s a prime number…)

BUT, there was one video from that was available for us foreigners, and if you want to check that video out, please go to: 

Also the android would like to recommend that all office fans visit: for the latest office scoop!