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Hiding from the seniors in the stairwell
September 17, 2008

So, the seniors at my school are pretty mean to the freshmen and us sophomores/juniors .. They walk around with big water guns, some of them have the same size as a bazooka, and they do also have water balloons. Their ultimate goal ?  – To spread terror around like wild fire. 

Yesterday was the big terror day. All of the seniors had planned it all out, everyone was carrying at least 2 water balloons, and what happened ? Total caos. So, therefore I have found the perfect hiding place. Our school has three floors, but what most people don’t know is that the stairwell continues up to the top floor/ the roof. So that’s where I’m at during lunch hours. I know it sound kind of dorky and maybe even lonely, but I get some work done and sometimes I read an entire chapter of my book. It’s really a great way to not get 1000 water balloons thrown at you AND get some work done at the same time. Two flies in one SMACK ! That’s how I roll. 

Anyways, school is going pretty well, all though the test madness hasn’t even started yet. I hate those weeks. I have chemistry next wednesday and then physics and math the week after that. MADNESS. 

God, I wish it was summer. But I guess all high school students feel that way nowadays….

Oh well, chemistry starts soon. Gotta go!

– Camie


OH and the Office is back in 9 DAYS !! It’s amazing! I remember when I first set up my count down it was about 120 days, and now it’s only 9. How did that happen ?!??!

Remember remember the 25th of september …. 😀


Previews and Deleted scenes
August 14, 2008


LYes, the android LOVES the Office

Yes, the android LOVES the Office

There is this one thing that annoys the android, and that is previews and deleted scenes of the office, a NBC show, that are limited to american viewers only. That pisses the android off. There’s not a lot that can annoy the android like that, but this does. 

Whenever the android visits which is it’s favorite webpage in the whole world, and sees there’s some new videos from, it knows it is not able to view them. 

So if the mighty bosses at NBC would kindly reconsider making the videos available to  viewers outside the United States, that would be awesome, and definitively raise the awesomeness bar by two points (out of 47, that’s a prime number…)

BUT, there was one video from that was available for us foreigners, and if you want to check that video out, please go to: 

Also the android would like to recommend that all office fans visit: for the latest office scoop!