Hiding from the seniors in the stairwell

So, the seniors at my school are pretty mean to the freshmen and us sophomores/juniors .. They walk around with big water guns, some of them have the same size as a bazooka, and they do also have water balloons. Their ultimate goal ?  – To spread terror around like wild fire. 

Yesterday was the big terror day. All of the seniors had planned it all out, everyone was carrying at least 2 water balloons, and what happened ? Total caos. So, therefore I have found the perfect hiding place. Our school has three floors, but what most people don’t know is that the stairwell continues up to the top floor/ the roof. So that’s where I’m at during lunch hours. I know it sound kind of dorky and maybe even lonely, but I get some work done and sometimes I read an entire chapter of my book. It’s really a great way to not get 1000 water balloons thrown at you AND get some work done at the same time. Two flies in one SMACK ! That’s how I roll. 

Anyways, school is going pretty well, all though the test madness hasn’t even started yet. I hate those weeks. I have chemistry next wednesday and then physics and math the week after that. MADNESS. 

God, I wish it was summer. But I guess all high school students feel that way nowadays….

Oh well, chemistry starts soon. Gotta go!

– Camie


OH and the Office is back in 9 DAYS !! It’s amazing! I remember when I first set up my count down it was about 120 days, and now it’s only 9. How did that happen ?!??!

Remember remember the 25th of september …. 😀


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