We met Russia, and then we played them into the ground!


How awesome is that ?

How awesome is that ?



YAY ! Norway WON women’s handball in the olympics ! That sure raises the awesomeness bar at least by three points! This is the first time we’ve won, and damn did they win good. 34 – 27 ! That’s insane. At one point during the game they were 11 goals ahead of Russia. They literally kicked their asses. One of our players even put a russian player down on the ground. It was awesome. Total awesomeness!

Another awesome thing is that I have finally received Sir Prometheus Augustus, and both him and I are happy that he’s here. 😀

That’s it for now. I gotta watch some more olympics later. We have two more gold medals to win; one in women’s taekwondo and one in something that I have no idea what is called in english. But we’re gonna win. Fo sho !


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