No mac today, my love has gone away.

So, apparently, the fucking stupid annoying “!%#¤%/¤%”!% company that was delivering my mac has made a mistake, and were not ABLE to send my mac today. So they gave me a note yesterday, telling me they were here, at our house, but we were not. So I called them, arranged for them to drop it off at my dad’s office, BUT apparently, they LEFT my mac in the car, which drove BACK to Stavanger, which is about two hours away!!! So now I won’t get it until tomorrow, but frankly I do not trust them anymore, and I am so pissed off. It’s been two weeks and three days since I ordered it. It’s insane! And I can’t blame Apple, cause they have nothing to do with the delivering company, which I have renamed to the DEVIL company. That’s how I replace my anger. Make up stupid names, it’s very clever, you must agree.

Anyways, my dad got pretty angry, and called them and they didn’t even have an excuse! they were like: Oh,I’m sorry, but I can’t do anything about that…..

Grr. Stupid TNT international express. I wanna blow it up, and then bury the pieces in heeeeell…


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  1. hahaha camie the terrorist. didn’t see that one coming 😛

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