If this sentence looks write, you’re in for a tough year…

Yes, it is true. School in android land has started again. The title is something the book we received in class told us. Very promising right? The teachers here are really dedicated to making their students feel stupid and helpless. Of course you know I’m only kidding.

The android has now decided that the internet is safe enough to stop talking about itself in the third person. I think y’all know that it is in fact the android writing to you. Not some lame secretary. Yay for that. 

So school was great, I got to catch up with old friends, meet some new teachers, now that I think about it, one new teacher. But it was great. We go our books, and a new locker! YAY ! I got number 70, and it’s not in the bottom row like it was last year. I have climbed the locker status. So… After school me and a friend went down to the city, and I did some unnecessary shopping. Spent money I shouldn’t have spent etc. But it’s all good. Then afterwards we went to the mall and spent even more money. 

I’ve been writing some music lately, but unfortunately my old PC doesn’t support recording, at least not recording that sounds good. So I’m still waiting for Sir PA. Queen LAP is kinda wishing he’d arrive soon though, she’s been waiting for over a week. 


I’s gots to gets going. Lots of stuff to do, but not really.


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