Hiding from the seniors in the stairwell

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So, the seniors at my school are pretty mean to the freshmen and us sophomores/juniors .. They walk around with big water guns, some of them have the same size as a bazooka, and they do also have water balloons. Their ultimate goal ?  – To spread terror around like wild fire. 

Yesterday was the big terror day. All of the seniors had planned it all out, everyone was carrying at least 2 water balloons, and what happened ? Total caos. So, therefore I have found the perfect hiding place. Our school has three floors, but what most people don’t know is that the stairwell continues up to the top floor/ the roof. So that’s where I’m at during lunch hours. I know it sound kind of dorky and maybe even lonely, but I get some work done and sometimes I read an entire chapter of my book. It’s really a great way to not get 1000 water balloons thrown at you AND get some work done at the same time. Two flies in one SMACK ! That’s how I roll. 

Anyways, school is going pretty well, all though the test madness hasn’t even started yet. I hate those weeks. I have chemistry next wednesday and then physics and math the week after that. MADNESS. 

God, I wish it was summer. But I guess all high school students feel that way nowadays….

Oh well, chemistry starts soon. Gotta go!

– Camie


OH and the Office is back in 9 DAYS !! It’s amazing! I remember when I first set up my count down it was about 120 days, and now it’s only 9. How did that happen ?!??!

Remember remember the 25th of september …. 😀


My two houses

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I have decided what kind of house I want. I know it’s a silly dream, but I really like these two houses. They are both from two very good movies, one is one of my favourite movies of all time. Ok, so the first one is:

This house is from the movie Secret Window, where the main character is played by one Mr. Johnny Depp. It may seem kinda .. old, but it’s truly beautiful, and I would do anything to live in that house. If you wanna see more of it, you should check out the movie!!

Ok, the other one is from The Holiday. The movie is so-so, but a good guilty pleasure movie if you’re in the christmas mood. 🙂


aaah, english cottage. ME WANTS !! 

Ok people. Gotta go. Hope this was fun for y’all. I got three books to read AND I have a french test on tuesday. On top of that I have a bunch of physics homework, and not to mention I gotta pay more attention in biology, even though the teacher is super boring. Blergh, all this stress and school has barely started.

It’s the second september.

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So, what have I done recently? Absolutely nothing. That is a horrifying fact. Of course things have happened, but no great change has appeared in my life. I’m still me.  

I have got a mac though, so that’s a nice change. I’m still trying to figure things out. It sure takes a while to transfer from the good old pc to a mac. A lot is different, but I cannot say that i regret buying a mac. It’s probably the best decision I’ve ever made, when it comes to buying stuff.

Ok, other news: I got “An abundance of Katherines” yesterday, and so I finished the book I was reading quickly, and now I am a good 20 pages into this one, and I love it already. It’s just something about the way he writes I like a lot. I laugh, I cry and I get pissed off. It’s amazing. 

So, this is the song I’ve been listening to all day; Slow Pony Home – The Weepies. Amazing song and band, they’re my new flame. 

“It’s the second september, I have known you. Four years or so ago, I rode a pony, called him “Truth”. We didn’t know the way so it took us till today to get here…

… And all that time, I felt just fine. I held so many people in my suitcase heart. I was glad to let the whole thing go, it was taken by the wind and snow, and I still didn’t know that I was waiting for a girl on a slow pony home”


And with that; I am OUT ! Gotta finish this thing I gotta send in the post tomorrow 🙂

We met Russia, and then we played them into the ground!

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How awesome is that ?

How awesome is that ?



YAY ! Norway WON women’s handball in the olympics ! That sure raises the awesomeness bar at least by three points! This is the first time we’ve won, and damn did they win good. 34 – 27 ! That’s insane. At one point during the game they were 11 goals ahead of Russia. They literally kicked their asses. One of our players even put a russian player down on the ground. It was awesome. Total awesomeness!

Another awesome thing is that I have finally received Sir Prometheus Augustus, and both him and I are happy that he’s here. 😀

That’s it for now. I gotta watch some more olympics later. We have two more gold medals to win; one in women’s taekwondo and one in something that I have no idea what is called in english. But we’re gonna win. Fo sho !

No mac today, my love has gone away.

August 20, 2008 - One Response

So, apparently, the fucking stupid annoying “!%#¤%/¤%”!% company that was delivering my mac has made a mistake, and were not ABLE to send my mac today. So they gave me a note yesterday, telling me they were here, at our house, but we were not. So I called them, arranged for them to drop it off at my dad’s office, BUT apparently, they LEFT my mac in the car, which drove BACK to Stavanger, which is about two hours away!!! So now I won’t get it until tomorrow, but frankly I do not trust them anymore, and I am so pissed off. It’s been two weeks and three days since I ordered it. It’s insane! And I can’t blame Apple, cause they have nothing to do with the delivering company, which I have renamed to the DEVIL company. That’s how I replace my anger. Make up stupid names, it’s very clever, you must agree.

Anyways, my dad got pretty angry, and called them and they didn’t even have an excuse! they were like: Oh,I’m sorry, but I can’t do anything about that…..

Grr. Stupid TNT international express. I wanna blow it up, and then bury the pieces in heeeeell…

Some sort of a personal blog.

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So, before I start this madness, I gotta tell y’all my friend Tonje’s sentence of the day: “I have apple in my nose” Tonje, you’re the best !!

Today was an.. interesting day. When I got home there was a note on our door, telling me: We were here to deliver your package, but you were not home.

I rushed to the phone and called my dad, who called the international express company, who told him that they only delivered packages between 8am and 3.30 pm. So unfortunately, Sir Prometheus Augustus won’t arrive untill tomorrow, BUT I have waited two years now, I can wait one more day. To the people who don’t know who the android is or Sir Prometheus Augustus for that matter; Sir PA is my new white MacBook! I am already in love with him.

First calculus class today, and I have to admit that it actually didn’t suck. It most definetly didn’t increase world suck. YET. We’ll see in about.. 3 months.

Also I have three new songs that I love.

Número uno: Here I Dreamt I Was an Architect – The Decemberists

Número dos: Be Gentle With Me – The Boy Least Likely To

Número tres: Cape Canaveral – Conor Oberst.

I have one person to thank a million thanks for me discovering these songs, and I hope y’all check them out, ’cause they’re simply filled with awesomeness!

Gotta go. I have nothing to do, but I’m sure I’ll find something to do.

If this sentence looks write, you’re in for a tough year…

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Yes, it is true. School in android land has started again. The title is something the book we received in class told us. Very promising right? The teachers here are really dedicated to making their students feel stupid and helpless. Of course you know I’m only kidding.

The android has now decided that the internet is safe enough to stop talking about itself in the third person. I think y’all know that it is in fact the android writing to you. Not some lame secretary. Yay for that. 

So school was great, I got to catch up with old friends, meet some new teachers, now that I think about it, one new teacher. But it was great. We go our books, and a new locker! YAY ! I got number 70, and it’s not in the bottom row like it was last year. I have climbed the locker status. So… After school me and a friend went down to the city, and I did some unnecessary shopping. Spent money I shouldn’t have spent etc. But it’s all good. Then afterwards we went to the mall and spent even more money. 

I’ve been writing some music lately, but unfortunately my old PC doesn’t support recording, at least not recording that sounds good. So I’m still waiting for Sir PA. Queen LAP is kinda wishing he’d arrive soon though, she’s been waiting for over a week. 


I’s gots to gets going. Lots of stuff to do, but not really.

My cupcakes recipe, in both norwegian AND english

August 17, 2008 - 2 Responses

So here it is.


This is about… 10 big cupcakes and 20 really small ones.

You need:

  • 100g of melted margarine
  • 100g of wheat flour + 1 teaspoon of baking powder
  • 2 eggs
  • 100g of sugar

You’re gonna do this:

  1. Set the oven on 180 degrees, Celsius… The android does not know what that is in f. You go figure that out.
  2. Mix the baking powder and the flour together in a bowl. Add the melted margarine and the sugar.
  3. Crack the eggs in the bowl. Mix everything to a soft and creamish mixture.
  4. Add two teaspoons (the android used more..hehe) in every paper thingy.
  5. Put them in the middle of the oven and they’ll be awesome in about 15-20 minutes.

VOILA ! Awesomeness!

ok, Norwegian:

(the android just realized that this is a great way for the non norwegians out there to learn some norwegian)

Du trenger:

  • 100g smeltet margarin
  • 100g hvetemel + 1 teskje bakepulver
  • 2 egg
  • 100g sukker

Du skal gjøre dette:

  1. Sett stekeovnen på 180 grader.
  2. Sikt melet sammen med bakepulveret i bakebollen. Tilsett det smeltede smøret og sukkeret.
  3. Knekk eggene i bollen. Bland alt sanmmen til røren er myk og kremaktig.
  4. Legg 2 teskjeer røre i hver papirform (the android brukte mer enn det… hehe)
  5. Steketid for muffinsene er 15-20 minutter på midterste rille.

If you want frosting, the android used a little bit of water and mixed it with confectioner’s sugar. And it looked for some colouring, but it didn’t find any. But that’s ok to use as well. And as topping the android used some red jelly 🙂


August 16, 2008 - One Response

The android has found a new passion: CUPCAKES !

Previews and Deleted scenes

August 14, 2008 - One Response


LYes, the android LOVES the Office

Yes, the android LOVES the Office

There is this one thing that annoys the android, and that is previews and deleted scenes of the office, a NBC show, that are limited to american viewers only. That pisses the android off. There’s not a lot that can annoy the android like that, but this does. 

Whenever the android visits http://www.officetally.com which is it’s favorite webpage in the whole world, and sees there’s some new videos from http://www.nbc.com, it knows it is not able to view them. 

So if the mighty bosses at NBC would kindly reconsider making the videos available to  viewers outside the United States, that would be awesome, and definitively raise the awesomeness bar by two points (out of 47, that’s a prime number…)

BUT, there was one video from NBC.com that was available for us foreigners, and if you want to check that video out, please go to: http://www.officetally.com/the-office-season-5-promos#more-1809 

Also the android would like to recommend that all office fans visit: http://www.officetally.com for the latest office scoop!